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Sezione dedicata ai parchi italiani del gruppo Merlin. Scheda del parco Gardaland
Messaggio Da fredp
#296851 Just came back from gardaland

Italy has much to be proud for this park, we liked it much more than disney paris

- I corsari is better than disneys pirates of the carribean
, the underwater scene is incredible
-mammut is much better than big thunder mountain
-disney has nothing like ortobruco, the kids loved this
-Madagascar circus is exceptionally good
-all the staff were happy to see us & had a good sense of humor
-we preferred ramesis to buzz light year
-even the carosel with its two levels, and the hi speed kafetessen is better than their disney counterparts
-magic house is very cool and a top spin for little ones
- we met all the characters! And took photos with each. At disney the characters hide inside the character restaurants, apart from parade, we saw only one character after a week at Disney and he was mobbed by people trying to get close

- the park is like a forest of different trees, very green.
- the rides interact with each other, the gardaland train, raptor , BT, mammut, MM, monotoraio all intertwine to share the atmosphere

on the negative side I can't understand why
Peter pan and monotoria donthave seatbelts, especially Peterpan
where the centrifugal force pulls you out (disneys slinky dog is better here)
- I also think disneys fast pass is fairer

overall we had a great time and will be back next year
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Messaggio Da Lucantropo
fredp ha scritto:-mammut is much better than big thunder mountain


E' proprio vero che l'erba del vicino è sempre più verde... :mrgreen:

This is an italian saying: "Neighbor's garden is always greener"... :mrgreen:
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Messaggio Da Loris8893
#296863 Io invece mi segnerei questa xD

-we preferred ramesis to buzz light year

Anyway....I'm glad you liked Gardaland so much :D

I love this theme park :mrgreen:

Have you stayed at the Gardaland Hotel?
You see another show after Madagascar?
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