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Messaggio Da Pandolf
#355461 bo' Screamscape e rcdb confermano della dive quindi, penso che ancora i pezzi o non ci sono arrivati tutti o ancora
Il pezzo del binario assomiglia alla dive di Cedar Point

Da il sito di rcdb:
E da screamscape, appunto conferma un po' le mie tesi:
" Things are moving much faster than expected at Canada’s Wonderland for the new coaster it seems. Construction work is already taking place on the site previously indicated to build that underground/underwater tunnel feature. A few supports and track sections from Vortex have been removed to allow access to the site during the off-season, the lake has already been drained in this area, and heavy machinery is on site tearing things up at a rapid pace.
Even more surprising is the fact that a video and screen captures obtained from a drone-cam flying next to the park spotted a small pile of about 4 pieces of very large Dive Machine style brownish B&M track sitting in a back storage area, mostly covered by a large tarp, but with enough of it exposed to clearly make out exactly what it is. Meanwhile the removed pieces of red Vortex track are placed on the ground next to it, making it easy to compare the sizes of the two and identify the new B&M track as being Dive Machine sized, and in a color similar looking to what Cedar Point used on Valravn. ( I video postati precedentemente )
The timing of this all pretty much locks in the new coaster for being ready for the 2019 season, as I’m told that the plan is to get this tunnel dug and fully built with the pieces of track installed inside, along with any nearby footers required, refill the lake and return Vortex to working order in time for the park to open for the 2018 season in late April. At that point they will take a break on things until they are ready to begin the construction of the rest of the attraction at the surface level as Summer 2018 begins to wind-down.
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Messaggio Da alabardo84
#355500 per il 2019 il coaster "robin hood" del walibi holland ,sarà convertito in un rmc. i lavori cominceranno a ottobre 2018 e sarà pronto per il 2019
mi sembrano un po troppi pochi mesi , ameno che non apra a stagione inoltrata