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Messaggio Da pacman
#23156 Hi all i'am french , i'am webmaster of the website power max ( , a website about funfair , i search information about italian funfair , but i don't find :cry: , i need your help for this. :wink:
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Messaggio Da dodo1
#23183 Hi pacman you're welcome!!! :wink:
I don't speak French but, how you can say a little bit of English :roll:
very nice and interesting your web site...but it's only in french :cry:
well,if you desire you can ask anything you want! :wink: (sorry for any english mistakes)
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Messaggio Da moongirl
#23195 hy you can find in this site information but if you don't understand you ask me and i'll answer as soon i can!!!!!!!!!!!!
Messaggio Da pacman
#23212 Thanks all :wink: I know you have many rides constructor in Italy:

But we don't have any information about your funfair and luna park , i search information about this.
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Messaggio Da dodo1
#23224 if you want you can look a this link

this is the system's search of italian and all other world's parks
1th voice:parks'name
2nd voice: nation
3th voice:Continent
4th voice:year of construction
5th voice:expance
6th voice: annuals guests
at the end click on "cerca" that stands for "find it"

although the most important parks are gardaland and mirabilandia
behind these there are also other nice parks as Canevaworld( Movie studios and aquaparadise)..
certainly there other parks that i miss in my mind...if i remember sothing else i'll write here after
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Messaggio Da Rides
#23232 Bonjour, dimmi ce que vous voulez savoir sur la Luna Park italienne.
Et il compliments pour vos situés que je suis de beaucoup d'heure.
Excuse pour mon Français
Messaggio Da pacman
#23264 I search information about rides in luna park or feria in italy like this site:

and information about your ride , i have find some photo in two salesride site:

Do you know another website who speak about italy rides?
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Messaggio Da Katunandri

Here ( you'll find some photos and some videos.

Bye! :wink: